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9-4-2014 News Commentary

September 4th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in News Commentary

Today’s news stories include:

Mormon sisters target Carl’s Jr. for racy ads – First off, I applaud these doctorated (didn’t make it up)  twins for their stand against something they believe to be wrong. Kudos. Blessings in heaven. Yet I end up SMH (Shaking My Head) about some of the arguments about “racy” ads and their impact in general.  (Which is not to be construed that I support any of Carl’s Jr. ads specifically.) We have eroticized (not this one either) the human body to where its mere display must be wrong and sinful, even when the important bits are covered up!  I was raised in coastal Southern California and spent plenty of time at the beach as a teenage boy.  Bikinis, thongs, one-piece swimsuits, halter tops and cutoffs–after a while it just doesn’t register anymore because that’s how all the women are dressed at the beach! So as far as I am concerned, it’s a bogus argument that boys and men are going gaga (that’s for you Tom) over female belly buttons, thighs and shoulders in TV ads.  Come on! Click click click and there’s some pretty obscene material available on the internet that should be of more concern than a woman in a bikini eating a burger in a lasciviousness manner. In fact, I’d agree more with those who think the burger is the culprit and not the bikini. I’ll save the female “body image” topic for another day, other than to say “stop eating comfort food and get off your butt and get some exercise.”

Unusual resemblance: You look just like your car, which also looks like your dog – Uh…not sure where to start with this one other than “Seriously?” I guess some Swiss researchers are having a good laugh about how they spent their time and someone else’s money.  Or maybe it’s a statement about dog owners–of which I am not one–and their intelligence level.


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Sound Dampening Visor-Like Phone Baffle

September 2nd, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in creativity, Uncategorized

This is a product that we should be able to buy for less than $10!

Having purchased my first bluetooth headset a few months ago I think there’s been a couple of times when I fell into the trap of speaking loudly in public while on the phone, just like the woman in Wal-Mart I heard and saw the other day.  Wouldn’t it be great to have something to flip down in front of one’s mouth that cuts down amount of sound that others hear while we are talking on the phone? Plus think about the added privacy! Not quite the Cone of Silence, but even knocking down 50% of the sound would be a great improvement.

So then I started thinking about its potential in call centers and other office environments while people were on the phone. Wouldn’t it be more productive to knock down the volume of the conversations in a crowded office space?

Here’s a very basic conceptual drawing for use with a bluetooth device:
bluetooth Visor







In the “Up” or “Off” position the baffle would sit on one’s head much like sunglasses do at times.  In the “Down” or “On” the baffle would be positioned in front of one’s mouth.

It could be made of clear plastic to allow for less visual intrusion.

It could be made of foam material for weight and dampening qualities.

It might have to hook around one or both ears or possibly have a nose or chin rest.

It could also include a mic.

The handset model would attach to the phone.

What am I missing? Why isn’t this product in the marketplace and in use all over the place?

I’m baffled. :-)

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What’s There To Be Afraid Of?

August 28th, 2014 | Comments Off | Posted in Products

Most of us have rational fears/concerns about some common life experiences:




scary dentist

Fortunately, salespeople don’t scare most of us to the same degree as the above.


Then there is the network marketer.

Oh boy, the claims they make! “Gonna cure everything!” “Tastes great!” “Good for what ails ya!” “You’ll look years younger!”

Sheesh. Did I say network marketer or snake oil salesman?

Of course, the snake oil salesman was off to the next town before his customers realized that they’d been hoodwinked.  All sales final…no refunds.

I suspect that there are many folks out there who put network marketers in the same category as snake oil salesmen, plying their pills and potions, pocketing their money and riding off to the next town (cue the evil smirk.)

So what is the difference between a snake oil salesman and a network marketer? Well, for starters, those network marketers (really they are Independent Distributors) who represent reputable companies like Kyäni, agree to abide by Policies and Procedures that govern their behavior and business practices. Many people were left with a sour taste in their mouth (pun intended) in the 80′s and 90′s when everybody and his mother started an MLM and most (read 95+%) failed due to theft, poor management, lousy products and so on. The Attorney Generals from our 50 states started clamping down on MLMs and the result is a bunch of rules that we must abide by. (Anyone remember “check flashing”?)

Ok…so most of the unscrupulous guys are history. Does that mean that everybody is still playing by the rules?

Nope. Unfortunately there are many times when an Independent Distributor in their desire to make a sale (or if we give them the benefit of the doubt, through honest ignorance) makes statements about a product’s benefits that are more opinion than fact. For example, the FDA does not think it is cool to claim one’s product can cure cancer unless it has been proven to do so, and not just in one instance. Think double-blind studies and peer reviews. Very time consuming, very expensive process.

Ah, but you are intrigued about the product and want to know if it will help with XYZ ailment or provide ABC benefits. The Independent Distributor seems to think so, as do others who provide anecdotal testimonials.

But still…

“Oh, just go ahead and buy some for gosh sake!”

“Ok. I’ll do it! I’ll take two bottles of that fine elixir!”

“Why, thank you very much, sir. You won’t be disappointed.”

“What’s that sound?” (hoofbeats fading into the night.)

“Dagnabbit! ”

Fear realized. You got taken…Sucker.

Isn’t that really what we are most concerned about when it comes to a new product, especially one being pitched by an Independent Distributor in a network marketing company? We’re afraid that it isn’t going to work and we’ll be out our hard-earned dollars? (That and getting the hard sell to sign up as an Independent Distributor yourself…but that’s a topic for another post.)

Which is why the best companies–like Kyäni–offer Money Back Guarantees. If for any reason you don’t like Kyäni’s products you can return them within 30 days and get your money back, excluding the shipping costs.

money back guarantee

So c’mon pardner…save your worries for the dentist and give Kyäni a try. There’s really nothing to be afraid of.








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Playing the Friend Card

August 27th, 2014 | Comments Off | Posted in Network Marketing

I’m going to make a bold statement….Most of Network Marketing is playing the Friend Card.Friend Card

Typically, companies that utilize network marketing to sell their products do not advertise.  Instead they rely on their distributors to introduce products to potential customers and the business opportunity to potential distributors. Face-to-face presentations, phone calls, meetings, webinars and websites all can be used to provide information and motivation to buy or join.

But “who you gonna call?” (gratuitous, unnecessary Ghostbusters reference.) Seriously…you’ve just signed up as a distributor and you’re raring to go. (Everyone repeat after me: Make your list of ____ hundred people, determine which ones are your A/”warm” leads etc. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for network marketing.)

Ok. Now what?

Well…that might depend on your personality, sales experience, moon phase, confidence, enthusiasm, comfort food/favorite addiction, and maybe….product knowledge?  (So many reasons to convince ourselves we’re not ready to make that contact!)

Some folks are successful at changing their paradigm to avoid thinking they are selling something and experiencing the wrath, disappointment, potential rejection, and AWKWARDNESS that can occur when pitching someone. Instead, they have determined that they are SHARING, not selling.

Fine. If that works for you then that’s great.

So…why haven’t you started “sharing” your great product and company with your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, club members, drinking buddies, former classmates, and the rest of the people on your list?

It could be that you haven’t been ready to, or know how to, play the Friend Card.

Go ahead and ask someone in network marketing how they joined. Odds are SOMEONE PLAYED THE FRIEND CARD.

royal flush

And the higher value the Friend Card (think jacks, queens, kings, and aces) the better chance one has of being able to play the Friend Card successfully.  One of the best lines I’ve heard about that was used when playing a Friend Card (an ace) was “Get your credit card.”

As you go through your list of potential customers and distributors you might consider ranking them in more detail than A-B-C and using the playing card system to more appropriately tailor your approach. (N.B. – The 7 footers out there–see my post on Slam Dunks–don’t need any system to contact people…they just talk to everyone. )

Future posts will address some of the words and phrases you can use for different Friend Cards.  “Do you have a few minutes?”, “I want you to come to a meeting with me!” , and so on. Not that you have to use them, more as an example of the different ways you can approach someone on your list with a Friend Card. I’ll also address some of the strategies about when to play your best cards, which ties into some of my previous posts on placement strategy.

Are you in?


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Brand Loyalty and Being a Believer

August 26th, 2014 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Let’s face it…there are hundreds of companies marketing nutritional supplements, of which dozens also utilize network marketing to expand their customer base.  Parade them in front of a microphone and you’re going to hear how wonderful each is, how great their products are, and what a fantastic business opportunity awaits anyone willing to give it a try as a distributor. They have conventions, award trips, car programs, slick websites, distributor training and on and on and on. Not that they are clones, but much like we’ve seen in the shape of modern cars, they do look a lot alike.  Are you an Audi person or do you prefer Acura? BMW or Lexus? How about Cadillac?  How about Kyäni?

And does it really matter as long as you are happy with your preference? I recognize that it’s a poor sales approach to tout the advantages of a competitor’s products, yet I am sure that there are Audi salespeople that actually prefer BMWs. Yet they are paid to sell Audis and therefore Audis are the best cars in the world!  Fortunately, enough independent industry experts and customers also believe Audis to be very good cars, so it’s not like the salesperson is lying or trying to pull a fast one and sell a Yugo to someone.

hug audiCompanies spent tons of money trying to develop brand loyalty. I drove Cadillacs for many years and was very comfortable with the instrument panel consistency, feel, and performance from model to model. Candidly, it took more than a few trips in our Audi A4 (thank you Kyäni’s Drive Your Dream Car Program) before I got comfortable with the Audi system. Now…I can’t imagine wanting to drive anything else.  I am brand loyal. I am a believer.

The same holds true for the Kyäni Triangle of Health. This is not my first dance with nutritional supplement companies that use network marketing. Yet here I am 4 years after joining still using the products and telling others about them. I am brand loyal. I am a believer.

Triangle of Health

Being a believer is a good thing!  We tend to overlook small negatives, like gas mileage in the older Cadillacs that I drove. We engage our positive thoughts because we believe and by so doing unharness the power of our mind  to heal us  and help us reach our goals.  Few people that try Kyäni with a skeptical mind are overwhelmed with positive results.  Yet there are plenty of testimonials from people who were open-minded and positively hopeful that the Kyäni products would help them…and they did!

Maybe XYZ Company’s products would have yielded the same results given the same mental outlook. Or maybe not. Some people test drive many cars to find the one they want to buy, others do tons of research to aid their decision, and some just show up and let the salesperson help them find the right car. It is my assertion that the happiest folks are the ones who become brand loyal to the car they drive, who become believers.

I believe in Kyäni…the company, the management, the products, the business opportunity, and the people. I am brand loyal. I am a believer.

Perhaps you are brand loyal too and a believer in another health system. Yea! You’re in a good place. Perhaps you are seeking a new system to be loyal to, to believe in to improve your health or your financial situation. If so, I invite you to investigate Kyäni and see how much you like the way it drives.

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Free Mealing

July 31st, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized


Free Mealing…also known as getting paid to read spam from local restaurants!

Free Mealing


Last year I stumbled across and followed the links to join various restaurants’ eclubs, receiving printable coupons for free food or BOGOs or special offers.  Some of the restaurants send a coupon for free food just for joining, but the majority that I signed up for send the coupon about a week before one’s birthday.

(As a side note, many of the ones I chose were managed by Fishbowl.)

This year on my birthday I decided to go “free mealing” throughout the day, dragging Kyle and Rachel along with me for part of the adventure to help eat the free food.  I started off the day at Dennys with a free Grand Slam Breakfast, no coupon required, just be prepared to show proof of ID/birthday to the cashier. (Don’t forget to tip on the retail value of the entire meal.)

With Kyle behind the wheel we headed out mid-day, stopping first at HoneyBaked Ham for a free Ham Classic Sandwich. Next to Del Taco for a Free Premium Shake, Rubio’s for $7 credit for food (chicken tacos), and then to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit for a Free Big Yellow Cup (root beer….aaaagh, root beer).

Later in the day I continued my free mealing with a Free meatball sub at Firehouse Subs (just show ID) and finished up the day at TCBY for a Free frozen yogurt.

Fortunately, most of the eclubs’ birthday related offers are good for a week or two and one doesn’t have to try and eat all your free mealing food in one day.

Offers I took advantage of on other days:

Tucanos – This is a BOGO offer but one that I wanted to try anyway.

A&W – Free Root Beer Float

Baskin Robbins – Free scoop of ice cream

Red Robin – Free Gourmet Burger

Weinerschnitzel – Free Chili Dog


Check out the  list of hundreds of restaurants and their offers.

Upcoming in July 2014

July 1st, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Updates

Birthday. I turn 58 on the 23rd.  Two decades ago when I was choosing a screen name for my aol account I decided on kent56, mostly because “kent” was already taken and “kent13982″ seemed too disconnected from me so I opted for my birth year which happened to be available at the time.  I remember back when I was in my thirties thinking that  someone might assume that the “56″ was my age and got a chuckle out of it.  However I did enjoy my 57th year when my age was 56 and my screen name was especially apt, although I have since migrated to for general purposes and hardly ever use my aol email account for anything. The fact that I still have an aol email account is a testament to email having likely passed phone numbers on the enduring data list, behind our birthdays (the birth year has been known to change for some people) and SSNs. Who knew that a screen name we chose in 1994 would still be attached to us 20 years later?

Girls Camp. As I write this Rachel is at her first Young Women’s Camp at Camp Mia Shalom outside of Fairview, Utah.  Big step for the young lady and hopefully she survives and maybe even enjoys it. Quite the adventure just getting her packed up. “Rachel, do you have your 8 pairs of socks?” I asked. “No… I don’t have any socks” she answered at 11:08 am Monday morning as we were hustling to finish packing and make it to the stake center by 11:30.  The fact that GeriLynn had gotten a completely different answer Sunday night, as in “Yes I have socks” leads me to believe that Rachel enjoys watching me squirm.  Not enough time for even a quick wal-mart run…what was Kent to do? Aha! Remembering the 2 baskets of Rachel’s clothes that had been residing in the laundry room for the past 6 months following one of those wash-everything-on-the-floor-in-her-room events (Really? Am I supposed to put away my 13 year old daughter’s clothes? Isn’t it enough that I washed them???), I managed to scrounge 7 pairs of socks (plus the pair she had on made 8 as per THE LIST) to throw into the duffel bag, knowing full well she wouldn’t wear more than 3 pair over the 4 days.  And no, we didn’t get everything on THE LIST. I just couldn’t see buying a battery operated alarm clock when today’s phones handle that function just fine…although phones were strictly verboten at YW Camp…not even to use as a camera. {muttering}

Kyle’s Birthday. Kyle turns 17 this month and is on the same schedule re his driver license that I was at that age in that we’ll both have gotten our first official license at age 17. All of his performances (Acting Up, Band, Choirs, The Foreigner, Dancing) and various group trips to Southern California and Idaho have wreaked havoc with his opportunities to get his 40 hours of driving practice in. That and the fact that he doesn’t get to drive the Audi and GeriLynn has Dr Car at BYU most days from 8am – 8pm+.  That pretty much leaves just Sunday mornings, at least when he isn’t recovering from his performances, and while he and I did make it over to the RC Willey parking lot a couple of times, first in Dr Car and then in the more exciting green van (Dodge Grand Caravan), we had to stop when he cut a turn a bit too close on our makeshift slalom course around the planters and blew out the right rear tire. So our driving practice became changing-a-tire practice and now we don’t drive the green van.

Pete Hansen. July marks six years since I first started working with Pete Hansen at VIP Media at East Bay Studios. Appropriate to what I spend my time doing now my first self-assigned tasks were to pull weeds. Pete and I have had some fun times over these past six years including moves to two different studios and Pete’s transition from video to photography. Along the way we learned about live streaming video with Utah Valley Live and came up with some really great ideas like Engaging Films Productions. One of the highlights was when Provocreative (VIP’s successor) sponsored 5 (?) teams for the 24 hour filmmaking competition as part of the LDS Film Festival.  The Provocreative Filmmakers group was also a big success  and while that Meetup group has since disbanded, Pete is still actively running the Provocreative Models and Photographers Meetup group.  Pete and meet somewhat regularly for lunch at Thai Evergreen in Orem.  Hmmmm…thai food.  We didn’t make a lot of money together but it’s sure been fun being such creative geniuses. Modest too.

Yard Work. Tina was up visiting from St George recently and rued that it would have been cool to have a time lapse video going of me working in the back yard. And while I’ve put in a couple of hundred hours so far this year I don’t think I’m even halfway done. I tell myself that it’s also my weight loss program, which is true to some degree. Now that HOT weather is arriving I doubt I’ll be outside as much, hence a blog post on this site for the first time in 18 months.  Most of the weeds are gone and we have a small garden growing. I’m about 60% done with building a tool shed and still have the big projects (rock driveway, trampoline pit sandbags, and cabana) to get back to.  Before I turn to those I’m creating a putting brown (sans grass), hanging a tire swing, setting up the volleyball net, creating a horseshoe pit, croquet area, and fixing up the swing set for the grandsons, etc.  Yeah…just thinking about it is making me ready for a nap. Later.



Big Pharma

September 19th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Sliders

Let me start off by stating that I’m dang glad that we have modern medicines and millions of people have benefited from pharmaceuticals.

I’ll also say that most MDs are prescribing medicines which they believe represent the “gold standard” of treatment and they are ethically bound to do so.

Yet neither of those statements is in conflict with my belief that the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) does not have the end users’ best interests in mind. These are profit-driven corporations that answer to stockholders and there is a lot of money to be made in the healthcare marketplace.  It is not their intent to cure people as that would put them out of business due to lack of sales.  Big Pharma spends a lot of money and effort to convince MDs and the general public that their products are needed, safe, and effective. They want a loyal customer base who continue to use their products every month for the rest of their lives.

I can’t really fault them for that. I want customers too, those who will use the natural Kyäni products for a long, long time.  I’m in the business of selling product and recruiting others to do the same.

In fact, I want people to understand that other companies which sell natural food supplements are not my competition. Nope, I wish them loads of success, seeing as the real competition to us all is Big Pharma. I want to steal customers from Big Pharma.  They’ve got so many people dependent on their drugs that they will hardly miss the ones that I want. The customers I want to take away are the ones that Big Pharma is selling products to for the following:

Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Chronic Fatigue



Poor Circulation

Difficulty Sleeping


…and dozens more

As much as I wish I could say that everyone experiences the same wonderful benefits from Kyäni’s products (something that Big Pharma can’t claim either), reality is that our individual body’s chemistry and conditions are different and so can the results be from using Sunrise, Sunset and NitroFX/Xtreme.  You won’t know until you try the Kyäni products and that’s where the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee comes in.

Of course, if you are taking medicines which were prescribed by an MD you should consult with them before discontinuing using Big Pharma’s products.  An open-minded MD shouldn’t object to your using what are are essentially natural food-based products to Feed, Protect, and Repair your body.  We hope the time will come that by using the Kyäni products your MD will suggest that you reduce or eliminate the use of Big Pharma’s products.

And while you might be spending hundreds of $$$ every month on Big Pharma’s products, it’s my guess they won’t even notice it when you don’t need them anymore.




type 2 Diabetes and Kyäni

September 18th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Sliders

Let me start with some numbers from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC):

• Among U.S. residents aged 65 years and older, 10.9 million, or 26.9%, had diabetes in 2010.

• About 215,000 people younger than 20 years had diabetes (type 1 or type 2) in the United States in 2010.

• About 1.9 million people aged 20 years or older were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 in the United States.

• In 2005–2008, based on fasting glucose or hemoglobin A1c levels, 35% of U.S. adults aged 20 years or older had prediabetes (50% of adults aged 65 years or older).  Applying this percentage to the entire U.S. population in 2010 yields an estimated 79 million American adults aged 20 years or older with prediabetes. (Emphasis added.)

type 2 diabetes medications

Most of us know how diabetes is bad for us, although we might not realize that it is the 7th leading cause of death and plays a large role in heart disease and stroke. Still we manage to live in denial until that day when doctor says “your blood sugar levels are too high” and they want to put you on a bunch of medicine to help “manage” your diabetes.

Bummer. But hey, you’re still alive right? So head on down to the pharmacy and get your meds. And of course EAT RIGHT and EXERCISE.

And just accept that you have diabetes and for the rest of your life you’ll be on your meds…unless yours is a severe case and you are required to start taking insulin shots.  Big Bummer.

cost of type 2 diabetes

For what it’s worth, my sister Elisabeth was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11 and eventually succumbed to its complications at age 39.  My mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in her 60s.  I am not making light of what is a serious matter.

And it’s not going to be a laughing matter when you show up at the pharmacy either. The image to the left is an example that my insurance company sent for illustration purposes, and it shows what they estimate is the cost of maintaining a well-controlled type 2 diabetes condition.  $5400 a year.  Ah, but only $1210 a year if you have a good insurance plan. $100 a month to maintain a condition no one wants.

Now, let me ask you a question: Are type 2 diabetes or prediabetes reversible conditions?

Trick question as apparently that’s still up for debate, with the key word being “reversible.”

So, let me rephrase the question: Can one’s blood sugars return to a normal level after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or with prediabetes WITHOUT the need for diabetes medication?

In most cases, yes.

And some more numbers for you: Walter Willett, MD, PhD, and his colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health (as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine) demonstrated that 91 percent of all Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented through improvements in lifestyle and diet.

Now, I’m not going to say that using the Kyäni Triangle of Health products will cure or reverse type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Nor has Kyäni conducted any research studies on their own to try and prove the same. What I will say is that I know someone who was able to stop (with her doctor’s approval) taking her medications for type 2 diabetes within weeks of starting to use the Kyäni Triangle of Health.


I can’t tell you that you will get the same results if you have type 2 diabetes. What I can say is that Kyäni has a 30 day money back guarantee, and after checking with your doctor, and trying the Kyäni products yourself, if you do not get the results you want Kyäni will refund the purchase price of your order, including sales tax. (You are at risk for the shipping costs.)

Very cool.












You First. No, YOU First. Who First?

September 10th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Recruiting, Strategy

Occasionally a situation arises where there is a question as to which person of two or more friends/family members should enroll first as an Independent Kyäni Distributor. We can see some parallels in deciding the hitting order for a baseball team. Who’s on First? Ok…just kidding with that tip of the cap to Abbott and Costello. Yet it is an important decision as to which player will lead off, hit in the clean-up position (4th) and who is batting at the end of the line up.

Commonly the best slugger is placed in the 4th position in the hopes that the best get-on-base player who leads off and bats first can be driven home if batters 2 and 3 haven’t already done so. It’s also common to have very good batters in those 2nd and 3rd positions so as to leverage the power of the clean-up hitter with more potential RBIs.

What does this have to do with Kyäni distributor sponsoring and placement? Maybe nothing, maybe quite a bit…depending on the “players” involved.

Let’s call our first distributor in our example Willie, our second distributor Hank, our third distributor Jose, and our fourth distributor Barry. In this example we’re going to say that these four friends were all invited to a Kyäni Business Opportunity Meeting by Tommy, a brand new distributor himself who does not yet have any other distributors on his team. After seeing the presentation they were all excited to start their Independent Kyäni Distributorships by purchasing the Builder Pack for $499. Great! Tommy is thrilled that they are joining his team! Now…what about the lineup? How should Tommy enroll these four people?

Scenario A – Tommy suggests that he personally sponsor all four distributors in separate legs (yes, you can do this) and works with them to build their businesses. Tommy would receive a $100 Sponsor bonus for each of the four. As he himself signed up for the $499 pack with its 400 QV, Tommy sees that with the 400 QV from each of his 4 new distributors he will have the required 2000 QV for the Jade ranking and also the first step of the Fast Start Bonus. (as of 09/2013) However, Willie, Hank, Jose and Barry realize that while they will all be on Tommy’s team, they won’t actually be working together as they will each have to develop their own legs independently. They ask Tommy to reconsider his strategy.

Scenario B – Tommy agrees to rethink the situation and decides that he will line up all 4 of these friends one after the other in the same leg. He randomly chooses this line up Barry goes first, then Willie goes under Barry, then Jose goes under Willie, and finally Hank goes under Jose. Tommy remains the sponsor of all four. While the players can see how having all four in one line will allow them to work together in developing that specific leg, they still have some questions:

1) As they each have differing skills at recruiting, experience in direct sales, and lists of contacts, what lineup makes the most sense? Tommy knows all four and determines that Jose is likely the best recruiter and will spend the most time building his Kyäni business. Then follows Hank, Willie, and Barry.  So it would make sense to have Jose hit cleanup and be at the bottom of the leg and then Hank, Willie, and Barry moving upward so that the volume created by the better recruiters is available to their friends upline. Right?

Yes…in some circumstances. However, what if Barry has a hard time recruiting anyone and ends up with a big power leg thanks to the other 3 and zip in his other two legs? Well, he’s not going to make any money. Thank goodness he loves the products! ;-)  And while Tommy might be motivated to help him, Tommy is busy building his other two legs so as to maximize his income.  Jose, Willie, and Hank are also busy building their legs and aren’t going to help Barry either.

Well…that’s the way it should be right? If you can’t hit the curveball then you aren’t going to make it in the big leagues. If you can’t recruit (customers or distributors)  then you will have very limited success in Kyäni.

Not necessarily, especially among friends/family who want to work together towards mutual success.  While the sluggers/top recruiters should get paid the most, there are still plenty of rewards for their teammates who help out and get on base.

Peter (Tommy’s Sponsor) throws a curveball at Tommy and reminds him that the Matching Checks bonus (and others) are paid on the Sponsor Tree and even if Tommy comes up with a lineup that makes sense based on the 4 new distributors apparent abilities, if Tommy is the Sponsor of all 4 it will have a huge impact as the players grow their businesses to a point where they rank as Sapphires and above.  Peter suggests that Tommy sponsor the player going directly under him, who then sponsors the next player, and so on.  This way their lineup in the Placement Tree matches their lineup in the Sponsor Tree.  What then to do about the $400 in Sponsor bonuses? Tommy would still get $100 for sponsoring the first player under him, and then it would be up to the others to determine if they should sign over the $100 Sponsor bonus checks to Tommy, seeing as he was the effective sponsor of all four.

Tommy (and the rest) are now overwhelmed with the task of how to structure the lineup. So many possibilities! So much potentially at stake.  In the end each of the four has to ask themselves would they rather have a better recruiter above them or below them?  And the answer might be based on how well they feel they can recruit and build a business. A great hitter doesn’t need help to score runs because he can hit homers if need be. A great recruiter/business builder will succeed regardless of who is above him/her in the lineup, and sometimes in spite of them. In our example Jose is going to be successful because he is a slugger.  It’s natural to want to have him in one of our legs so we can benefit from his abilities. But if we aren’t sluggers and get on base mostly by being beaned by the pitch, then maybe we would be more successful to have the slugger be our sponsor who could then help us learn how to hit and who can help us build all 3 of our legs.

This example was purposely complex and hopefully none of us will every be faced with anything similar. Yet we might find ourselves trying to advise someone whether or not to put themselves or their spouse or son etc., above them or below them in the lineup.  My vote goes for putting the best recruiter on top, with the caveat that they will help build all 3 legs of the person who goes under them.


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