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Jan Maas and Jenneken Luijtjes

August 18th, 2017 | No Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

FamilySearch currently lists 2 sons of Jan Maas and Geartruid Tar Braak with the same name, Jan Hendrik Maas. The first shows as being born on 14 December 1805 and dying on 5 November 1808. (All events occur in Eibergen.) The second shows as being born on 3 November 1808 and dying on 9 August 1867. While it is common to name a subsequent child with the same name as child who was born and died, this instance is a bit odd as the older child supposedly died just 2 days after the younger child was born–a crossover–and yet they were given the same name. William Vorkink’s Family Group Sheet shows the eldest of the two as Jan Hendrik Maas and the younger as Jan Maas.

Here are the transcriptions of the entries from the “Nederduits Gereformeerde Gemeente EIBERGEN, Doopboek 1771-1812 (R.B.S. 608), Tijdvak 1802-1812” as found at –

15.12.1805 19. – JAN HENDRIK, zoon van Jan Maas en Geertruij te Braak
geb. den 14 decembr. – ged. den 15den

06.11.1808 13. – JAN, zoon van Jan Maas en Geertruij ter Braak
geb. den 3 november – ged. den 6den

It appears as if the two boys had different names. As is common, there seems to be less concern about spelling the parents’ names correctly than the child’s. Unfortunately, the death records are not nearly as complete as the birth records and there aren’t many on this particular site to view, but there is a transcription of a civil death record book for Eibergen covering the period in question. I could find no entry for a Jan Hendrik Maas as having died. The more likely explanation is that these are 2 sons, both living through childhood, and who later marry and have children of their own. Let’s take a look at some of the other records:

Jan Hendrik Maas (1805) – On 23 November 1839 marries Johanna Geertruida Lieftink. He was 33 and she was 18, which makes me wonder if he had been married previously. This marriage is currently attached to 1808 Jan Hendrik Maas in FamilySearch, in error. As he was 33 in 1839, turning 34 in 3 weeks, he couldn’t have been born in 1808. (Source: Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration marriages, Eibergen, archive 207, inventory number 5192, November 23, 1839, record number 33)

There are birth records for five children for Johanna Geertruida Lieftink and Jan Hendrik Maas and each time Jan Hendrik Maas is shown with an age that corresponds to a birth in 1805:

Johanna Geertruida Maas – born 18 October 1840. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births, Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5201, October 20, 1840, record number 116)

Hendrica Willemina Maas – born 19 December 1842. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births, Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5200, December 20, 1842, record number 140)

Gerrit Jan Maas – born 4 April 1846. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births
Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5200, April 6, 1846, record number 39)

Anna Fredrika Maas – born 12 May 1851. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5200, May 13, 1851, record number 42)

Gerrit Willem Frederik Maas – born 27 May 1855. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5199)

There is another child born to them also but for which there is no birth record listed:

Aleida Maas – born 25 January 1858. (Heritage Achterhoek and Liemers (Netherlands), Population register 5, Doetinchem, archive 24, inventory number 1717, folio 53)

There is a death record for a Jan Hendrik Maas on 9 August 1867, husband of Johanna Geertruida Lieftink. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration deaths Eibergen (Berkelland), archive 207, inventory number 5134, August 9, 1867, record number 79)

That pretty much makes the case for 1805 Jan Hendrik Maas not dying in 1808. But let’s look at the records for 1808 Jan Maas.

Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration marriages Apeldoorn, archive 207, inventory number 6599, March 10, 1834, record number 5

Jan Maas, age 25,  marries Jenneken Luijtjes, age 28, on 10 March 1834 in Apeldoorn. The image shows their full names and while it is hard to read one can easily see there is no Hendrik as a middle name. Jenneken (shown as Jenneke) had given birth to a daughter, Geertruij Luijtjes, on 4 January 1834, with no father listed on the birth record. (Gelders Archive (Netherlands), Arnhem, Civil registration births Beekbergen (Apeldoorn), archive 207, inventory number 6625, January 4, 1834, record number 3). The marriage record might contain information that veries whether or not Jan Maas was Geertruij’s biological father, but some of the image is cut off and I can’t read the Dutch. Regardless, later in life she is known as Geertrui or Geertruij Maas.

In the marriage record for Geertrui Maas and Willem Vorkink, Geertrui’s father is listed as Jan Maas. I couldn’t find an archival record to support Geertrui’s death on 8 January 1905, which record should have included her father’s name. No death record for Jenneke Luijtjes either. No death record yet for Jan Maas born 1808.

I’m waiting to hear back from Susie and Rod Schultz as their username “Sue & Rod Schultz” is who listed the death info for Jan Hendrik Maas as 5 November 1808. I asked for their source info. If I don’t hear from them in the near future I will start the process to clean up these two men’s FamilySearch account.


Family History 8-13-2017 Maas

August 13th, 2017 | No Comments | Posted in Family History, Uncategorized

ugh. It’s been 9 months since I worked on this and I need to go back and pick up the trail where I left it, but before I do that I wanted to investigate another Vorkink-related line.

Johanna Geertrui Maas birth record

Janna Geertrui Maas birth record

My cousin Lorene Ensley has been active in family history work and she mentioned that she had the opportunity of looking into Johanna Gertruid Maas, a distant relative. I decided to take a look at what FamilySearch had listed and noted right off a discrepancy about her birthdate. FS lists 29 October 1836 and lists the date as 30 October 1836. Also, wiewaswie shows a middle name of “Geertrui” without the ending “d.” So I decided to try and find the copy of her birth record. In the process I found another daughter, Janna Geertrui Maas, born in Eibergen on 15 April 1835, who had not yet been entered into FS. When I did find Johanna’s record, it confirmed the 30 October 1836 date and that her middle name was “Geertrui.”

Johanna Hendrika Maas birth record

Harmina Maas birth record

As long as I had the wiewaswie page open (I had searched for “Berendina Hiddink” Birth Records, Eibergen) I decided to look to see if the info on Johanna’s siblings was accurate. As it turned out, Johanna Hendrika Maas only had an approximate birthdate, so I added her birthdate from wiewaswie of 14 November 1829. Wiewaswie was also showing another daughter, Harmina Maas, born 16 February 1832.

But wait–there’s more!  Gerritjen Maas, born 14 April 1839. I updated Gerritjen’s record in FS with the correct birthdate.

Gerritjen Maas birth record

Hendricus Maas birth record

Berend Jan Maas birth record

Christina Maas birth record

Hendricus Maas is shown in FS with the correct birthdate. And we’re still not done. Wiewaswie lists Berend Jan Maas, born 26 February 1845. Lastly, at least according to wiewaswie, is Christina Maas, born 14 January 1842.

OK, so for now it looks like there were 8 children. I will need to add four of them to FS. I also have some corrections to make and I should upload these birth records to each file. I’ll check the death records to see if any died as infants.

Also, has baptism, marriage, and death info on Berendina Hiddink.








Family History Update 9-14-2016

September 14th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Family History

I still need to go back through the last couple of entries related to Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink and Diena Willemsem’s descendants and clean things up. I also need to add to my posts of people to continue to research from that group, those whom I didn’t find enough information on. I think I will also start a post with the names of the group of people who represented the last in their line and maybe another post of those who were born around 1900 whom didn’t have marriage, children or death info. This last list is a little different than the first list in that there isn’t necessarily a problem finding the info, I just haven’t found it. The first list is those whom I have looked at the available records and couldn’t satisfy myself about what the info was. Hope that clears things up. But I will probably leave that for Sunday morning when I have a larger block of uninterrupted time. Also, I am thinking I might go back through the posts and take out some of the editorial comments and just leave the info that I found.

Most recently, I have been creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that lists all of Hendrik’s and Diena’s descendants. While this is available in FamilySearch via the Descendancy Tree view, I find having it in a spreadsheet is easier to view and allows me to list what additional info needs to be found. Also, it is a listing I could potentially share with someone who might not want to sign up for FamilySearch. Family history work for LDS temple ordinances is just one reason to compile these lists of distant relatives. I suspect that one day we might find a use for these relationships in the medical realm and genetic research.

The mountain is high, but I trudge along one step at a time. Next up will be moving back a generation to another Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink, this one married to Everdina Muetstege, and looking for his descendants, double checking what is in FamilySearch. Then continue backward along the Vorkink line until I have found all the Vorkink descendants that I can, at least through about 1900 or so. (Recognize that 90+% of these already exist in FamilySearch.) I can’t predict how long that task will take as my family history efforts seem to come and go in waves. At that point I suppose I will have to decide if I want to go down the Gobel line or one of my other family lines.


Antonia Vorkink and Kobus Geverink and their descendants

September 6th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Family History

Antonia’s birth checks out on Wiewaswie, where we also find that she was married on 11 February 1860 to Kobus Geverink in Eibergen, which would help explain why she shows dying there 21 years later. I checked out the original marriage document (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief:0207 Registratienummer:5189 Aktenummer:5 Registratiedatum: 11 februari 1860 Akteplaats:Eibergen) but am not including it here, though I do want to mention that there is a lot of handwritten Dutch on it and it might have something interesting to say. We learn that Kobus was a shoemaker, son of Gerrit Jan Geverink and Berendina Blankvoort. Kobus was born on 1 August 1829 in Eibergen. (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 07 Registratienummer: 5202 Aktenummer :78 Registratiedatum: 1 augustus 1829 Akteplaats: Eibergen (Berkelland)). Kobus dies 21 February 1891 in Eibergen (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5132 Aktenummer: 17 Registratiedatum: 23 februari 1891 Akteplaats: Eibergen (Berkelland)).

Let’s see how many little Geverinks Kobus and Antonia had. Their oldest child is Hendrica Berendina Geverink, born in Eibergen on 23 January 1861 (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5198 Aktenummer :9 Registratiedatum: 23 januari 1861 Akteplaats: Eibergen.) Then Gerrit Hendrik Geverink, born 21 October 1862 in Eibergen (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5198 Aktenummer: 129 Registratiedatum: 22 oktober 1862 Akteplaats: Eibergen.) Then Jan Gerhard Geverink on 7 July 1865 in Eibergen (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5198 Aktenummer: 75 Registratiedatum: 10 juli 1865 Akteplaats: Eibergen). Next is Gradus Geverink, born 11 April 1868 in Eibergen (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5198 Aktenummer :43 Registratiedatum: 11 april 1868 Akteplaats: Eibergen.) Last seems to be Sara Geertrui Geverink, born in Eibergen 28 January 1871 (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: Gelderland Archief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5197 Aktenummer : Registratiedatum: 30 januari 1871 Akteplaats: Eibergen (Berkelland). Not  sure why Sara’s record is in inventory number 5197 when the rest are in 5198. Could it be a typo? I could see 5199, as it comes later I would think. Not going to worry about it right now, just as I am not going to pull up images of the birth records. I’ll list the above sources in FamilySearch. I want to check some of the other databases to make sure that I didn’t miss anyone. OK, after checking a few places that seems to be all of them. On to FamilySearch.

Hmmm. There was an existing record for a Kobus Geverink–same fellow, as his wife is shown as Antonia–but when I chose to add it the result was creating a second marriage record to Antonia. Maybe that is a function of FamilySearch and I will try and merge these records later. The reason that the previous record was there was because there has been work done on Jan Gerhard Geverink and his family and I tied into it. Merging Antonia’s two records seemed to have done the trick. Now to add the rest of the info. Got their marriage and death info correct, taking a break before I add the rest of the children and Kobus’ parents into.

I added the other 4 children into FamilySearch and then Kobus’ father, Gerrit Jan Geverink. Kobus’ mother, Berendina, was already in FamilySearch, along with her parents and two sibilings. I did not look for any of Kobus’ siblings at this time. I looked at the temple ordinance info for the Blankvoorts (Samuel Blankvoort and Geertuijd te Brinke) and noted that the initial work was done in the L.A. Temple in November 1961. What are the odds that my grandparents Vorkink knew whomever did this work, as that is when they were very busy in the same temple? Curiosity has got me…now I have to check the family records to see if maybe THEY did the work. Hmmm. William (grandpa) was in the L.A. Temple the same day that Berendina was baptized by proxy, as well as a good number of other Blankvoort family members. I don’t have a family group sheet for Samuel and Geertuijd, but as the dates are the same for the ordinances, my guess is that William, Hazel and others did this work.

It’s also interesting to note that William lists himself on the family group sheet that I have for Hendrik Blankvoort (born abt 1690) as a “4 gg son” or 4th great-grandson. I’m going to check FamilySearch and see if I can connect these Blankvoorts. Yep, Samuel’s parents were Aaltje Blankvoort, Hendrik’s youngest child, and Jan Blankvoort, who appears to be Aaltje’s first cousin, having Hendrik Blankvoort as a common grandfather. I’m not entirely clear this is accurate and will have to get back to it at another time, when I am looking at the Maas line, which was Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink’s mother’s line. She would be my great-great-grandmother. My grandfather must not have come across the connection with the Vorkink and Blankvoort lines with Kobus and Antonia.

Back to the Geverink children: two of them die under the age of 10, Gerrit Hendrik Geverink and Gradus Geverink. Hendrika Berendina Geverink marries Gerrit Jan Wonnink and they have two children, Engbert Wonnink, who marries Jantjen Poelert, and Kobus Antonie Wonnink, who marries Anna Wilhelmina Gerritsen. I could only find one child for Engbert and Jantjen, a son named Hendrik who dies at 7 weeks. I didn’t find any children for Kobus and Anna. Put all into FamilySearch, including inlaws when found.

Next up is Jan Gerhard Geverink, who was already in FamilySearch. So I need to verify his info and see if there are any children that haven’t been listed yet. Turns out he had 5 children: Antonia (this was the one that was already in FamilySearch, although the name was incorrectly listed as “Anna”, marries Jan Wormmeester), Jan (dies at 1 year) Jan (marries Maria Helena Zegers–spent an hour looking for her birth date with no luck. One online site lists it as 20 August 1899, but without any source documentation I wasn’t going to use it), Derkje (couldn’t find any record other than her birth–which I checked to verify the spelling), and Kobus (marries Margje de Jonge). I tracked down their spouses and inlaws where appropriate and possible and updated FamilySearch.

The last of Antonia and Kobus Geverink’s children is Sara Geertrui Geverink, who marries Berend Lammers.  Their first child was an unnamed stillborn male. Their second child was Grietje Antonia Lammers, but I could find nothing other than her birth record at this point. Then they had a son named Kobus Lammers whose death record shows a spouse named Katharina Wilhemine Mulder. I spend a good amount of time looking for more info on her and came up empty. I put this note on her file in FamilySearch: “The only reference to this person is on the death record of Kobus Geverink where she shows as his spouse. Did not find any other results in various online databases with the spelling “Mulder.” It is possible that she was foreign-born, German or Swiss, as there are women named “Katharina Wilhelmine” with the surname Mueller or Müller in various databases, although none directly tie in with Kobus or locations in Gelderland or the Netherlands for that matter.”  Next come Jan Hendrik Lammers, where again I could find was a birth record. Their last child appears to be Antonia Gerritdina Lammers and again, no other info found for her.

This brings me to a stopping point for Antonia Vorkink and Kobus Geverink’s children and descendants. There are a couple of question marks that I want to address should I get back to this group in the near future. And, should I figure out where to get the more current records I will keep looking for more of these Vorkink descendants.

Hendrik Vorkink and Janna Muetstege, Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink and Heintje Wissink and their Children

September 4th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Family History

The 3rd child and oldest son of Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink and Diena Willemsen, Hendrik Vorkink marries Janna Muestege, and this couple shows as having one child–Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink…sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink marries Heintje Wissink in Goor, where she was born 24 years earlier. Haven’t been able to find an exact date. Note that there is another Goor in the south of the Netherlands, but this Goor is in Overijssel and near Lochem where this H.G.V. is from. H.G.V. and Heintje have one child that I have found so far, Johanna Vorkink, born 14 August 1897 in Lochem. I cleaned up some of the info in FamilySearch and added Johanna, as well as Heintje’s father, Gerrit Wissink, her mother Everdina Eliza Alink, having already existed in FamilySearch. I also added Heintje’s parents’ marriage info. All of this information is pretty easy to find using, which has a dandy feature on the individual result page where it lists links to other entries related to the same people. I am not looking at the original archived documents at this time.

Heintje dies in Lochem on 17 March 1900 at age 27. (Which means her birthday was not between Oct. 14 and March 17 as she would have been 28.) H.G.V. marries again 13 years later on 30 August 1913 in Lochem to Hendrika Christina Hiestand. This info was already in FamilySearch.

But what of Johanna? Part of my quest is trying to find the descendants of a common ancestor. Turns out that she was the only child of H.G.V. and Heintje and it doesn’t look like she ever married. She had a half sister, Alberta Hendrika Vorkink, born 3 November 1915 in Lochem. “Berta” as she was known, or “Miss Vorkink,” also did not marry, although she apparently was a big deal and has a biography page where I got this info. Berta died 18 July 1980 in Arnhem.

Teunis Vorkink and Aaltje Aaftink

September 4th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Family History

In the process of looking at the records for Willem Vorkink & Geertrui Maas’ children, I noticed that family records and FamilySearch don’t show a spouse for Willem’s brother, Teunis. Let’s fill in that blank.

Teunis was born in Lochem 11 April 1839. (Lochem, archive 207, inventory number 3752, April 12, 1839, record number 34).  Teunis Vorkink Birth RecordHe marries Aaltje Aaftink on 9 November 1872. (Holten 1811-1932, Holten, archive 123, inventory number 7211, November  9, 1872, record number 16).(I couldn’t find an image for the listed event in the online archive.) However, the marriage record says she was 26 and born in Holten. None of the online databases have a record of her birth. I will go ahead and list it “about 1846” based on what is listed elsewhere and the marriage date.

One site shows Teunis’ death on 1 April 1912 in Holten with a source reference that I am trying to verify. The Overijssel Archive ( has a listing also, but I am having trouble finding the image. The reference says it should be inventory 7357 record 13–but record 13 is not Teunis. I’ll see if I can find another reference somewhere. (Wiewaswid uses the same reference.) I have looked through the March-April records and didn’t see Teunis anywhere, although I need to double check the year. Yeah, it looks like these are for 1905, not 1912. OK, so this archive is a bit tricky in that it contains multiple years and the record numbering resets each year. Teunis’ record is actually on page 119/130:

Teunis Vorkink Death RecordI should have picked up on the photo reference sooner and seen that it was showing 7357-1905 at first and I needed to be in the part of the file that said 7357-1912 for the year he died. Regardless, we now have a good date and location to put into FamilySearch. (Done.)

I found Aaltje’s death information in the same Overijssel Archive for Holten, this time inventory 7360, record 44. There wasn’t a link to an image, so maybe this book hasn’t been scanned yet. She died on 8 December 1936 in Holten. I’ll put this info into FamilySearch and might get started on addLet ing her family, too. I haven’t found any records that indicate that Teunis and Aaltje had any children.

Aaltje’s father was Hermannes Aaftink and her mother was Gezina Steunenberg. I found a record of Hermannes’ death first, in the same Overijssel – Holten Archive, inventory number 7356 record 44. 26 July 1893.  Unfortunately, I can’t get an image because the archived document is listed incorrectly and doesn’t begin with Page 1 in 1893, rather Page 1 in 1897. Somebody goofed. Let’s try and find his birth info. and also show his birth date as 29 November 1816, but there isn’t an original source attached, although the latter points us to wiewaswie.  Wiewaswie’s record of his death shows his age to be 76, which lends support to the November birth date as he died in July and not yet reached what would have been his 77th birthday if he was born in 1816. Still, someone came up with the date in November and I just need to keep digging.

Turns out the key was a simple switch to Hermannus from Hermannes. This is also a case where the archive does not add the year as a suffix on this inventory number (7209), yet renumbers the records each year. As the inventory (0123.07209 Holten 1811-1932) starts in 1811 and I looking for a marriage in 1839 (the marriage info came up on a wiewaswie search ), I had to jump around until I found the record on page 50 of the index. In the past I would have just copied the reference material from wiewaswie and moved on, but now, as I am trying to get images of the original documents, I am taking it a couple of steps further. Certainly the reference in wiewaswie would not have been enough to lead one directly to the entry in this index, although I’m not sure how else it could have been identified. And there aren’t any images for the records in this inventory, just an index.

As it turns out, the indexed information gives us what we want to know. Hermannus was born 29 November 1816 in Holten and was a smith by trade. Geziena was born 18 October 1815 in Holten. Hermanus’ parents were Jannes Aaftink (also a smith) and Willemina Barvelinks. Geziena’s parents were Hendrikus Steunenberg (a shoemaker) and Aaltje Middeldorp. Now I’ll take a look in FamilySearch to see if there is already a record there, if not, I’ll add this couple and then look for any other children they might have had, as well as Geziena’s death date and location.  Found her death info on wiewaswie and the listing of the indexed record (Overijssel Archive:0123 registration:7354 Record number:40) of her death on Wiewaswie (3 July 1874 – Holten) and took at look at the index and there wasn’t an image there.

I think I will stop there with the Aaftink family. I’ve come to this point before and tempting as it is to keep going down this road, I’ll try and be consistent when it comes to cousins’ in-laws. I’ll list the cousin’s spouse and parents, but won’t continue on to list their children, parents or siblings. I’m drawing this line so I can stay somewhat focused, although even that is a humorous thought as I jump around so much as it is.

Well, we now have a spouse (Aaltje Aaftink) for Teunis, as well as her parents. I didn’t find Aaltje’s birth record, but maybe will give it one more look with “Hermannus.” Wiewaswie has a listing for her marriage and death, but neither of the related online records have birth date info or images to look at the site. Her birth info should be in inventory 7183, but there isn’t even an index available online for that book at this time. had a listing for a birth date of 20 July 1846, with a reference to That is a private genealogy and the source says “persoonskaart” or “Person Card.” Supposedly the researcher has seen her Person Card, which was a form of registration, and has derived the information from there. Do I update FamilySearch without seeing the original Person Card? Not today, as all the information that is needed for her ordinances is already there. That took a little time, but I am also getting an education along the way and going up the learning curve.

Everdina Vorkink and Martinus Riethorst and descendants

September 4th, 2016 | No Comments | Posted in Family History

The last of Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink and Diena Willemsen’s children, Everdina. At first I had little thought that this caboose child had much info or family. Boy was I wrong! Everdina’s family was easy to track using She married Martinus Riethorst and had 8 children: Gesina, Dina, Gerrit Jan, Martientjen, Hendrika Gerritdina (dies as a child), Hendrika Gerdina, Hendrik Antonie, and Willem. I am in the process now of adding them to Family Search and will continue on to see if I can find their marriages, children etc. After chasing shadows for hours it is satisfying to find a family where most of the records are at hand.

I tracked down Martinus Riethorst’s parents and they were both already in FamilySearch, so I connected those dots. Martinus shows as the only child, born 12 years after their marriage, so odds are he has a number of siblings that need to be found. However, at this point, again, my main focus is on identifying direct descendants of my ancestors, including their spouses and mother- and father-in-law, but stopping at that point.

Gesina Reithorst marries Klaas Gernaat in Zutphen on 14 December 1898, she previously having given birth to a daughter, Clasina. I added this note to Clasina’s FamilySearch record:”As the documents related to her birth and her parents marriage are in Dutch and I can’t read Dutch, I’m not entirely sure as to what happened, but it appears that Clasina was born to Gesina 11 months before her parents were married. It looks like there was an official recognition signed by her father Klaas attesting to his responsibility as Clasina’s father. This document is a birth record that was amended and includes the information that Clasina was born 25 February 1898.” Was Klaas really Clasina’s father or did he step up and attest to as much as part of his marriage? I only raise this because it appears that he was born to a single mother and the father wasn’t identified in public records, although FamilySearch did have a record for Klaas with “Ties Prins” listed as his father. This appears to be an entry created by FamilySearch and not submitted by a user. However, this mystery will have to wait.

I found a reference to Clasina at that indicates that she died in Dieren on 31 October 1981, but lacking any corroboration I have not put that info into FamilySearch. I went ahead and added the rest of Gesina’s and Klaas’ children that were listed at Everdina Johanna, Martijntje, Nn (for No name, a stillborn child of unknown gender), Hendrika Gerritdina, and Johanna Hendrika Wilhelmina.

On to the second of Everdina’s and Martinus’ children, Dina Riethorst. Dina marries Gerrit Abbenbroek, who was already in FamilySearch, as was Dina, their marriage info and one child, Martinus Hendrikus Cornelis Abbenbroek. (For what it’s worth, it appears that DianeNelson1 is the username that added them to FamilySearch.) Dina’s death date was listed in FamilySearch as 7 November 1919, and while DianeNelson1 doesn’t list a source, on there is a reference to Gemeente = Arnhem Soort akte = overlijden Archief locatie = Gelders Archief Aangiftedatum = 08-11-1919 Overlijdensdatum = 07-11-1919 Toegang = 0207 Inventarisnummer = 8065 Aktenummer = 912. I did not verify this reference. I couldn’t find anything more about Martinus Hendrikus Cornelis. His father remarried after Dina died in 1919 and I found a typo in the marriage date, changing to from 1928 to 1920 in FamilySearch.

Gerrit Jan Reithorst–the third child–marries Geertjen Mulder. They have a child named Everdina Reithorst, who marries a man named Bernardus Koerselman, who dies one year later. No children from that marriage that I can find. However, there is a record of an Everdina Reithorst giving birth to a child named Jannetje Alberts in 1932, daughter of Gerrit Jan Alberts. I am going to see if I can find a marriage record or some other information that will determine if this is the same Everdina Reithorst. Hmmm. I couldn’t find any other documentation about this possible family and when I took a look at the only record I could find–Jannetje’s death record showing she was only 5 days old–it lists her father’s name as Hendrik, not Gerrit. Google search for these names comes up with nothing helpful, so I am going to move on and see if Geertjen Mulder has any more children. She does, the next child Evert Jan dying at 8 weeks old. Next is Martinus Riethorst, only I didn’t find any record of his marriage or death. However, Gerrit Jan Riethorst dies the following year. It does not appear that Geertjen remarries. I need to add her parents to FamilySearch. Done, with their names but no other info.

Martientjen Riethorst is the next child and she marries Cornelis Verhoeven–a very common name. She dies at age 35 and while I couldn’t find any birth records for her children, there is a marriage record of a son, Martinus Verhoeven. Martinus marries Sija Pieternella Christina de Bouter. Her parents were in FamilySearch and I connected things and added sources.

Hendrika Gerritdina Riethorst dies at age 16. Not much else to enter on her. Next is her sister Hendrika Gerdina Riethorst. Kind of interesting that after her older sister Martientjen dies in 1909, Hendrika Gerdina marries her widower Cornelis Verhoeven in 1910. They have a son named Cornelis who is born 28 February 1912 in Utrecht., where I have been finding this information, has this child’s name as “Corneils”, which is clearly a typo, as supported by the correct spelling on I sent in a form on the OpenArch site asking them to correct it.

Hendrik Antonie Riethorst is the next of Everdina’s and Martinus’ children. He married Johanna Alberdina Hartgers and they have a child, Everdina Riethorst. Not including the dates in this entry as everything is pretty straightforward and documented. Entered into FamilySearch as well as Johanna’s parents’ names.

The last of these Riethorst children is Willem, who marries Catharina Johanna Riethorst, born on 8 January 1886 in Zutphen–perhaps a distant cousin? They have a child, Everdina Johanna Riethorst.  Must have been fun with the family got together “Everdina Riethorst…come here right now!” and 3 girl cousins all appear. I’m guessing they had nicknames or maybe no family get-togethers, perhaps explaining why these 3 girls were all named after their grandmother. Hey, I’m not throwing any rocks here! Three of my children were given names that were already in use by my cousins–Kevin, Christina, Kyle–but we didn’t know and didn’t bother to check. Not a lot of communication in the Vorkink family. I still can’t get the list of all of William and Hazel’s descendants that was compiled for last year’s family reunion. Although I am putting the world on notice that Kevin would like to name a son “Kobus” should he get the opportunity. OK, back to the research. Updated FamilySearch for Willem, Catharina Johanna, and Everdina Johanna. Catharina’s parents were already in FamilySearch, along with one of her many siblings.

I believe that finishes up Martinus Riethorst’s and Everdina Vorkink’s descendants, at least as far as I can find in, which really doesn’t include many descendants born after 1911 or so. As their temple work can’t be done except by direct descendants for a few more years, I’m stopping at this point.


More on Willem Vorkink and Geertrui Maas’ Children

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I realized that I jumped over the rest of Willem Vorkink and Geertrui Maas’ children as I started researching Teunis and Willem’s other siblings. These are their children:

Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink – My great-grandfather.

Jan Willem Vorkink – Married to Maria Johanna Van Veen.

Johannes Diedrik Vorkink – Married to Cornelia Sluis

Hendrikus Bernardus – died at age 7 months

Barend Vorkink – does not appear to have been married

Berbard Hendrik Vorkink – died at age 1 month.

First let me note that the family record sheet prepared by my grandfather William Vorkink has a note that reads “Willem Vorkink moved from Lochem, Gelderland, to Zwindrecht, So.H., before the birth of his children. He was employed in Government work.” I mentioned in an earlier post that I found it interesting that he and Geertrui got married in Rotterdam instead of Lochem, which was their hometown. Also, I have made the correction that Hendrik Gerrit was born in Rotterdam and not Zwindrecht.  Zwindrecht population register Willem and Geertrui and familyI realize that the image is faint and difficult to read, but one can discern the spelling of the names, birth dates, and the city of birth. The record was made in 1872-1873 and as Hendrikus had died by then and Bernard had not yet been born, they are not listed.

As I mentioned above, there is no record that Barend ever married. In fact, other than this entry in the register and a death record 85 years later, there is no record of Barend at all. I tried the variant spelling, Berend, and didn’t get anything either. Put this on the list for future investigation. Let me note that FamilySearch had him listed as “Barend Bartelmes Vorkink.” Based on the above register and his death record, I removed the “Bartelmes.” It was unsourced in FamilySearch and should we run across a source that shows Bartelmes we can add it back in.

On to Jan Willem Vorkink. He and his wife are the couple that Willam mentions he and Coba went and stayed with on several occasions. While he has a record in FamilySearch, along with his wife Maria Johanna Van Veen, and a daughter Geertuida Maria Vorkink, there is some cleaning up and verifying to do. Yikes! Haven’t been able to find much about these 3 people. FamilySearch has a death date for Maria of 21 April 1937, but that appears to be the death date of her brother Cornelius. Geertruida marries Willem Dam and they have at least one child, Jan Koop Dam. Funny how the records are more complete in the 1800’s. I can’t even verify that the Geertruida who shows as the wife of Willem Dam and mother of Jan Koop Dam (who dies at age 6 and whose death record is the only record of this family) is the same Geertruida. FamilySearch shows her being married to Christiaan Verhaeken (in Vlaardingen), only there is no record of anyone with that surname in any of the databases, so it is likely a misspelling. Google only comes up with results when the spelling is changed to Verhaegen and that is a Flemish name. I am going to set this whole line aside for the moment and come back to it at another time. I guess I need to start a post of such situations where I can aggregate these hard-to-find people for later reference.



Does this generation have more Attractive Women than any other?

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My 2nd oldest, Kevin, being single, has an eye on the ladies and is constantly amazed at the plethora of beautiful girls he sees at UVU or the University Mall. With the wisdom of age, I give him my best judgment as to why this is:

Girls today have no real standards or trends that limit how they dress, wear their hair and makeup, or accessorize their outfits. In fact, I believe one has to go back to “80’s hair” to find any kind of standard look. True enough that today’s college girl is likely to wear skinny jeans/yoga pants/stretch pants when the weather cools down and that article of clothing might become a basic just as denims are for many guys. But beyond that, the freedom that today’s girl has to choose her hairstyle is almost unparalleled in the past century and one would think for all prior history, not just due to her liberated state, but also due to the various mechanisms for coloring and shaping one’s coif.

With said freedom comes the ability to choose which style fits one’s face in the most flattering manner. Pick your color of hair, style and color of eye treatments, etc., and the modern girl can experiment until she finds her best look. Then she can pick clothing styles that best fit her figure and personality. And should she be really daring, she can have her body surgical contoured when shaping it via padding and spanxing and exercise and weights don’t complete the job.

And teeth! Straightened, whitened, fabulous! No more snaggleteeth.

I would venture to say that the average girl of yesteryear, coming in at a 5 on a scale 10 hottieness, would easily appear as a 7 in today’s world once fully outfitted and equipped.

Yet a word of caution to the young and awestruck: This type of beauty is only skin deep and the hottieness inflation of our time might disguise flaws heretofore found only rarely in prior eras, but with greater frequency today. Is too much time, effort, and money spent on one’s appearance? Is there ANY correlation between one’s appearance and their character, virtues, or compatibility as a spouse? Have these artificially inflated hottieness numbers only increased the length of the descent to an unvarnished, naked reality and the potential accompanying disappointment?

Now is as good a time as any to relate one of my favorite stories, the one of the young man in the small European village who was seeking a wife. There were only two eligible girls in his town and one was known for her beauty and the other for her fine singing voice. His father having died years before, he sought advice and counsel from his dear, aged mother. “Mother, which of these two girls should I ask to wife?” The response he got was “Beauty fades with time, but talent is everlasting.” The young man followed his mother’s advice and asked the lesser attractive of the two to marry him. Upon awakening on the first morning of married life, the young man turned his eyes to his new bride, and shouted “Sing, damn it, Sing!”



More about Willem Vorkink and his Siblings

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I’m continuing on with checking my grandfather’s (William Vorkink) work in relation to the Vorkink family genealogy. This time around I started with verifying some of the information about William, his sisters, his mother, and his father. His father, Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink, was the oldest son of Willem Vorkink and Geertrui Maas. In my previous entry on this topic I checked on one of Willem’s brothers, Teunis, and found his spouse Aaltje Aaftink and her parents. Willem and Teunis had four siblings, some of whom I have worked on before.

Everdina Vorkink – The oldest child of Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink and Diena Willemsen, she died just 6 days after her 10th birthday. I am not going to bother to verify this information at this time.

Antonia Vorkink – Next oldest, her information shows a birth date of 5 July 1831 in Lochem and a death date of 29 December 1881 in Eibergen (Plaats instelling: Arnhem Collectiegebied: GelderlandArchief: 0207 Registratienummer: 5133 Aktenummer: 118 Registratiedatum: 29 december 1881 Akteplaats: Eibergen (Berkelland)). No marriage info.

Hendrik Vorkink – Married to Janna Muetstege, whose last name I just changed in FamilySearch. It had been input by the late Martha Udink Jacobs, who had Muestege ancestors also.

Everdina Vorkink – Apparently the youngest child, following a common tradition of receiving the name of an older sibling who died. Records show she was born 15 September 1841 in Lochem and nothing else.

Ok, let’s see what we can find!


OK, so where am I? I still need to check on the remaining siblings, Hendrik Vorkink and Everdina Vorkink. And I don’t feel like I’m done with Antonia in that I feel I should track her descendants as far as I can. I’ll do that in another post, but let me take a look at Hendrik and Janna and family. This couple shows as having one child–Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink…sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Hendrik Gerrit Vorkink marries Heintje Wissink in Goor, where she was born 24 years earlier. Haven’t been able to find an exact date. Note that there is another Goor in the south of the Netherlands, but this Goor is in Overijssel and near Lochem where this H.G.V. is from. H.G.V. and Heintje have one child that I have found so far, Johanna Vorkink, born 14 August 1897 in Lochem. I cleaned up some of the info in FamilySearch and added Johanna, as well as Heintje’s father, Gerrit Wissink, her mother Everdina Eliza Alink, having already existed in FamilySearch. I also added Heintje’s parents’ marriage info. All of this information is pretty easy to find using, which has a dandy feature on the individual result page where it lists links to other entries related to the same people. I am not looking at the original archived documents at this time.

Heintje dies in Lochem on 17 March 1900 at age 27. (Which means her birthday was not between Oct. 14 and March 17 as she would have been 28.) H.G.V. marries again 13 years later on 30 August 1913 in Lochem to Hendrika Christina Hiestand. This info was already in FamilySearch.

But what of Johanna? Part of my quest is trying to find the descendants of a common ancestor. Turns out that she was the only child of H.G.V. and Heintje and it doesn’t look like she ever married. She had a half sister, Alberta Hendrika Vorkink, born 3 November 1915 in Lochem. “Berta” as she was known, or “Miss Vorkink,” also did not marry, although she apparently was a big deal and has a biography page where I got this info. Berta died 18 July 1980 in Arnhem.

It’s getting late and I have struck out on finding any marriage or death info on Johanna Vorkink. She last appears in that Lochem Population Register in 1939 living with her father, stepmother and half-sister.  It is possible that this line died out with these two unmarried sisters. Although I guess I should check to see if H.G.V. really was the only child of Hendrik and Janna.

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